Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A strange feeling called love

Nothing is as beautiful as love. It is love which makes life worth living. But there is strange mystery surrounding this word called LOVE. Time and again i have tried to attach a meaning to it, but have failed miserably all the time. After all this vain efforts i have realized one thing, this feeling of love cannot be expressed in words. This pitiable situation of word can be understood because words can describe only mortal things. Love is immortal, i can be only experienced but not described. The more one tries to curtail love by describing it with helpless words, the more stranger and complex it becomes. And at one point of time, when this futile chase to define love turns into desperation then into frustration, one gives up. I find it very astonishing that the same which cannot be defined even after exhausting the entire dictionary can be felt, enjoyed and experienced by mere silence. So if experiencing love is so simple they why it cannot be described. This question punches me rite into the face of we mortal beings. It brutally exposes the inefficiency of we human beings. Through science we have tried and seeked answer for all worldly phenomenas. We have left no stone unturned to satisfy our hunger of attaching reasons for all the events that take place in this universe. But it is a pitiable paucity of science that reason for existence of love which is the perennial source of life has eluded it.


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